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Q & A

Q: Does Spin have a minimum project size?

A: We don’t have a stated minimum project size. Our current project range between $750 to over $100,000. On the lower end of the range, projects can be completed in a matter of weeks and on the higher range projects can last a year or be ongoing work.

Q: If we're not in Seattle or Portland can we still effectively work with Spin?

A: Yes, of course. Spin is based out of Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon, however, we have clients across the map from New York, Texas to California. Some of our larger projects have been completed 100% virtually. Travel is also possible when required by the project.

Q: What size organizations does Spin work with?

A: Our client range from Fortune 500 Companies to one person startups just getting their company or idea off the ground. This wide range of clients is part of what keeps our day-to-day work interesting.

Q: Will Spin work with our company's internal resources?

A: Part of our initial process is analysing your company’s existing resources. If you have resources such as copywriters, designers or technical developers we will definitely incorporate them.

Q: How does Spin's initial consultation work?

A: Initial consultations are always free of cost and obligation. This is an opportunity for us to ask each other questions to determine if your needs and challenges are a good fit for our services/process.

Consultations can be accomplished in-person, or virtually over the phone and via email.

Q: Does Spin charge by the hour or by the project?

A: Both, it depends on what the best fit for the project is. Our preference is to use project based fees.

Q: Will Spin Digital Consulting sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA)?

A: Definitely. By default Spin Digital Consulting assumes that all of our client’s information is confidential. When requested, we will sign or provide you with and NDA.

Q: Is Spin Insured?

A: Yes, Spin carries Commercial General Liability insurance. Specific details can be provided as requested.

We’re Easy To Work With

Seriously, we are. The best results come from an enjoyable process.

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