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Business and Internet Marketing Consulting

Project Management

Attention to detail, communication and coordination to bypass project headaches and deliver project results. 

It’s been proven time after time, projects don’t magically complete themselves while no one’s looking.

Spin Digital Consulting is experienced in managing a wide range of design, creative and technology projects. On the straightforward end of the range are short projects with limited sized teams. On the complex end of the rance are long or ongoing projects with multiple teams or stakeholders all working towards the same finish line.

How We Work

No two projects are the same. Spin Digital Consulting customises our experience proven process to best fit with the specific needs of the project. Based on the needs, our process may range from highly collaborative to practically autonomous.

Communication and transparency are core elements to making our process effective while avoiding potential roadblocks. Throughout the project tools are utilised that keep everyone involved informed.

General Process

  • Initial project evaluation 
  • Establish budgets, timelines, checkpoints and deadlines
  • Assemble the team
  • Implements communication & progress reporting tools
  • Refine the plan as needed throughout the project for maximum effectiveness

Areas of Focus 

  • Avoiding project delays due to waiting on assets, feedback or approvals
  • Creating realistic timelines for everyone involved to do their best work
  • Pinpointing potential challenges early to avoid last minute issues

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